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This eBook is a library of guitar chords. More specifically, it is a reference book of thirty different chord types, including ten different shapes for each key of every chord type.
Publishing these chords was originally a website project ( I decided to publish ten useful shapes for as many practical chords that I could think of, with every key included. Each shape is unique* and was originally written by hand, before being converted into graphics.

There are many auto-generated chord libraries that already exist online. However, I wanted to create a chord library that was thorough, but also had a bespoke element.

As people started using the chord section of the website as a reference, it became obvious that including all of the chords in one convenient eBook would make sense.

Use this eBook as you see fit. It should serve as a resource that you can keep coming back to for guitar chord knowledge and inspiration!

*although each chord has been hand-picked, there are some duplicate shapes across different keys of the same chord type. Em11 and Am11 (for example) both include com-mon shapes, played in different positions. This is the case for most chord types. Enharmonically identical chords (e.g. Db7 and C#7) include the same set of chord shapes.

Get Guitar Chords Galore ($27)

100%, no risk, 30 day money back guarantee.

Take a look inside

Charmian Webster

I have benefitted from the free scales book on the onlineguitarbooks website and like the others I’ve purchased, I refer to them all the time. In fact, I have the website saved in my bookmarks because I use the very well collated information there as part of my practice regime. 

The books are inexpensive but are a wealth of valuable information that I’ve benefitted from in ways I’m still discovering. Having the guitar riffs book made the scales I was learning come to life and now I’m learning to read music too.

Thank you for your thoughtful and thorough approach to teaching the guitar. It’s good to have a reliable source for my guitar journey. I played in my youth and have just returned to the guitar as I approach 60. I believe they’ve helped speed up my learning as I now perform in aged care facilities around Sydney. I consider the books an essential part of how I’m learning.

Thank you Genaaron. I hope others give the books a chance to benefit them as they have me."

Paul Smith

"Just a quick note to say if anyone is considering purchasing (or trying out) Genaaron’s course materials or thinking about how they can progress their guitar playing to the next level, then please give it a go.  I have done so and I particularly like work associated to scales but the chord learning and particularly progressions are well worth looking into."

Victor McCullagh

"I don't write reviews, this is my first. the reason I want to share this is to, hopefully, help someone else find the path I did. I have played (messed around!!) guitar since I was a teenager, now in my 70's, it has always been as a hobbyist rather than a serious player, picking up bits and pieces from various books (not very inspiring!) and friends.

Life did not give me the time to devote to developing my skill and there was no Internet, back in the day, to get any decent instruction.

Since my retirement, I have now found time to sit down and try to properly learn to play the instrument I love, as I have always wanted to. I discovered Genaaron books and they have have been brilliant, I now have a repertoire of original pieces and a great reference library. All of the tools I need to understand how to create my own music.

Genaaron has become my musical "Sat Nav", giving me direction. He has, obviously, devoted many, many hours putting these books together, a colossal effort! I have found that, for me, this method of tuition is preferable to the "Patreon" sites,(too much talking and expensive!!!)

I'm noticeably improving week by week and just loving it.

Thank you Genaaron for enabling me to finally get to be where I want to be. Keep 'em coming. Victor"

Get Guitar Chords Galore ($27)

100%, no risk, 30 day money back guarantee.


Get Guitar Chords Galore ($27)

100%, no risk, 30 day money back guarantee.


If you aren't happy with your purchase, simply let us know within 30 days and you'll receive a full refund, no questions asked.You can even keep the eBook!

Get Guitar Chords Galore ($27)

100%, no risk, 30 day money back guarantee.

What you'll get...

  • An eBook with over 500 pages
  • 30 different chord types, with 10 shapes for each key
  • 5000+ chord shapes
  • A comprehensive chord library with an easy to use chord index
Get Guitar Chords Galore ($27)

100%, no risk, 30 day money back guarantee.